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Make Cleaning Your CEM Vessels Easy

Our Vessel Cleaning System is designed with an acid-inert heating plate that heats to approximately 10 °C below the boiling point of the acid.The resulting acid vapor cleans the vessels safely and efficiently. In just a few hours, nearly all metal contaminants have been removed from the vessels. The acid can be drained and reused; better for the environment and your lab's budget.

• Easy to use
• Cleans up to 48 MARSXpress vessels or up to 28 EasyPrep or XP vessels at one time
• Clean vessels in 4 hours or less
• Designed for use with HF, HCl, HNO3, H2SO4, and H2O
• Cost-effective! Acid is reusable for many cleaning cycles
• All wetted parts are molded PFA Teflon
• Built-in heater

CEM Vessel Cleaning System Study
Three samples of 0.50 grams of NIST SRM 1575 – Pine Needles were digested with 10 mL of nitric acid in CEM EasyPrep and MARSXpress vessels using a CEM MARS Microwave Reaction System. The Pine Needles certified reference values of the metals (in ppm) are shown in the table. The EasyPrep and MARSXpress vessels were emptied of the digested Pine Needles samples, rinsed with 25 mL of DI water, and cleaned for four hours with the CEM Vessel Cleaning System. The cleaned EasyPrep and MARSXpress vessels were filled with 10 mL of nitric acid and heated in a MARS. The 10 mL of nitric acid was poured from the EasyPrep and MARSXpress vessels, diluted to 50 mL with DI water, and analyzed with an ICP-MS. AS shown in the table, the results indicate that vessels containing ppm metal concentrations can be cleaned to low ppb metal concentrations with the CEM Vessel Cleaning System.

NIST SRM 1575 Reference Values (ppm)
Al Ca Cr Cu Fe K Mn Pb
545 4100 3.0 2.6 200 3700 675 10.8


Nitric Acid Analysis After Vessels Were Cleaned
with CEM Vessel Cleaning System Results (ppb)
  Al Ca Cr Cu Fe K Mn Pb
MARSXpress Vessels
34.411 18.019 1.218 0.573 6.817 28.394 6.210 0.172
EasyPrep Vessels
58.018 23.859 0.945 0.155 5.611 17.663 2.489 0.144